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Tea is more than just a beverage - it's a way for people to connect. With over one billion cups consumed daily, it is testament to the calming nature a hot tea can provide. Chaiwallas are an integral part of Indian life, and it is their dedication that has made the beverage so culturally significant.

The chaiwalla brings people together for a moment in time, a welcome pause in the chaos of the city, a daily comforting ritual. This ritual of tea drinking gave rise to the "Mister Chai" table, taking the form of its bases from the miniature scalloped glass chai cups used to serve hot tea.

The use of a wire frame structure captures the delicate nature of these glass cups, and each metal scallop of the frame is individually cut, bent and welded together to create the circular form. The table top is crafted from local Mango & Acacia wood, which delicately tapers outwards to create a soft form.

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