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The Kulfi table was conceived during the initial days of the COVID lockdowns. I wanted to create a a product that had the ability to create some joy during a tough time. Dessert has a special ability to cheer everybody up, and one of the most beloved dessert creations is kulfi.

Growing up in New Zealand, my mum would make pistachio kulfi in aluminium molds that she brought with her from India. The memory of the fragrance and taste of the kulfi dessert is a special one for me - and is the inspiration behind the design of Kulfi side table.

The Kulfi base is hand spun from sheet aluminium, buffed, grinded and polished for a seamless finish, and is a direct tribute to the classic aluminium spun Kulfi moulds used in freezing this dessert.

The tops are made from terrazzo, which allowed a lot of experimentation and colour to represent various kulfi flavours.

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