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The horizon line is a place where the sky meets the ocean. Here, the land and the sea blend together seamlessly, and there are no boundaries or borders. The Horizon chair is designed to show the freedom of not being chained down to a physical border. In a world that seems to be more divided every day, the Horizon chair is designed to break down the barriers of ownership.

Home is not always a physical place. For many of us, it's a feeling we carry within us. Growing up myself in varied cultures, I have come to realise that home is not an earthly location but a state of mind. We are all living in an increasingly globalized world and as we move around the world more frequently, it can be hard to feel a sense of belonging.

When I stand at the edge of a coast and look out to sea, there are no borders, no boundaries, no divisions; there's just an infinity of ocean that seems to stretch on forever. It's humbling to be part of something so much larger than myself. Through the Horizon chair, I hope to evoke the sense that belonging goes beyond our physical geographies- it transcends time, distance and culture.

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