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The Chrysalis Lamp features a sculptural glass and metal structure, inspired by the chrysalis of a butterfly. It focuses on the transformation process and seeks to combine traditional methods with 3D printing and aluminium casting finished by hand.

The butterfly becomes less of an object and more of a symbol in this design. By eliminating the traditional characteristics that define butterflies, I have created a form that is futuristic and alien. Although it is still recognizable as a chysalis, I wanted to clarify my design by making it more scientific and monochrome, underscoring an urgency for the viewer to pay attention to the issue of climate change.

The metal frame is a one-piece structure without any joins. This was achieved by 3D printing the two sides and sand casting them in aluminum. This was a challenging part of the design, firstly because of finding a suitable material for this task, but also because of making sure the casted pieces come together seamlessly.

The second part is the interplay of glass and metal. I juxtaposed the fluidity and transparency of glass with the strength and weightiness of metal. The final lamp is a hybrid of glass and metal, which calls to mind a butterfly in the process of metamorphosis- fragile yet beautifully transient and alien-like.

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