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The Zero mirror is a tribute to Brahmagupta, a sixth century Indian mathematician & astronomer. His contributions to math and science have shaped the modern world. The Zero mirror is a tribute to his work. He was one of the first mathematicians to explore the properties of zero, and the first to record his ideas about it in written form.

The film portrays a journey of self-awareness to solitude, an inward insight into the self that can only emerge when one succumbs to the power of nature and environment. Although Zero may symbolise emptiness and a great void, just because we cannot see its presence, does not mean we do not feel its absence.

The film is shot and directed in the West Coast of New Zealand. A place of solitude and beauty; New Zealand landscapes are dramatic and rugged. Dance is used as a medium to connect the viewer with nature, to feel what he feels, and see what he sees through dance. I chose to work with dancer Joash Fahitua, a talented contemporary dancer who choreographed his movements to the script I had written about isolation, solitude and power with nature.

“How far could I run, from cities where crows circled me, where loneliness clung to me, where I was always so far away from myself and my truth….”

When I confess, in fear… to the raging sea, that my heart is as heavy as ever- my words are drowned out by its comforting turbulence- this is the moment I trust there is no place as intimate as where I stand.

When I confess, in hope…to the crashing waves breaking on the shore, I feel as borderless as the sharp winds that tear through the looming cliffs"

Dancer/Choreography: Joash Fahitua

Director : Farzin Adenwalla

Cinematographer : Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS

Editor: Satyarth Singh

Camera Assistants: Dom Lloyd, Sarah Cullen

Clothing: Lela Jacobs

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