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The Himalayan region contains one of the most dynamic and complex mountain systems in the world. This moun­tain system is extremely vulnerable to global warming. Knowing how climate change is impacting our environment is vital, especially as its effects become more and more apparent. Yet, most of us are unable to translate complex research into accessible information. My goal was to communicate this impact through design, and the result of this is shown here in my design project, Ode to a Himalayan Butterfly.

This project is a film that depicts the beauty and fragility of butterflies as well as the dangers we face by not combating climate change. It is entirely digitally rendered, to highlight the fact that nature is being replaced with technology at increasing rates.

The film follows the journey of the Himalayan Blue Duke butterfly in the mountain ranges. Butterfly populations are indicators of a healthy environment change as they are very sensitive to their environment. Over the past couple of years I have been I have been researching various Himalayan butterflies that are on the verge of extinction. This research has led me to the creation of the Chrysalis Lamp to honor those species who have fought for survival over time.

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